A Government Of, For and By the American People

Written by admin on April 21st, 2017

The Fascists could not stay in power for many reasons, the main reason was the top down nature of that form of government.  One which said that the few at the top are the only ones who have a right to talk, the rest of us are suppose to shut up and obey.  This ruling class of elite is at the opposite of what America is all about.  The foundation of the Republican and the Democratic parties were a different concept of a government of the people, a government where those at top positions are servants of the people.

Because of the need for money to run campaigns the Republican party leadership tolerates no dissent and the Corporate Dems are no better.  God forbid that the people who elected those at the top have any input.  If the public was to control those elected officials, then those rich funders of their campaigns might just hold back their funds.

Whether you like Senator Sanders or not, you must agree with his statements in this video.


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