Combating fake news on Facebook

Written by admin on October 3rd, 2021

Combating fake news on Facebook [Video] [Issues: Fighting the Propaganda, Knowing the Truth, Facts Matter]

Recent studies show articles that peddle misinformation on social media platforms like Facebook get many more shares, comments and likes than factual content – which creates a profit motive to keep the spigot of medically-false conspiracy theories flowing. Correspondent David Pogue talks with experts about how difficult it is to find out just how widespread misinformation is on Facebook; and with a doctor whose emergency room has been flooded with COVID patients, many of whom were unvaccinated, or even refuse treatment, because of spurious medical claims they’d seen on social media.

There also is this article which you may wish to read Former Facebook employee Frances Haugen revealed as ‘whistleblower’ behind leaked documents that plunged the company into scandal (

How do you know if the information that you are receiving is true?  Do you just look for information that confirms your opinions?  Or do you look for information that can form your opinions?  Does it seem like more people on the Right seek confirmation rather than plain information that they can use to develop their opinions?  Have you received a warning from Facebook for something that you have posted?  Isn’t Facebook equally in the wrong for allowing false information on their platform?



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