Why does the Right want the Left to stop talking about Trump?

Written by admin on October 10th, 2021

Every time we talk about how wrong and dangerous Donald Trump is to America, the Right goes nuts. They want us to stop talking about Trump until he is back in a position where he can once again be putting the nation at risk. Let us remind all of you Right-wingers of how you have continued to trash Democratic candidates after the elections were over and your candidate had won.

Even though George W. Bush had been inaugurated as President, the Right still trashes Al Gore. Even though President Bush won re-election, Republicans for the next four years continued to bash John Kerry. Remember that both Gore and Kerry accepted their losses and congratulated Bush. Then for the four years of Trump’s incompetency, the Right continuously attacked Hillary.  It’s funny how they now want us to stop talking about Trump.  It never ceases to amaze how far the hypocrisy of the Right goes. They are like the bully who cries whenever the tables have been turned. The sad thing is that they never learn and refuse to change.

The big difference between the Left and the Right here is why we talk about those who lost the elections.  We on the Left talk about Trump out of our patriotism, wishing to protect America from any more of the man’s ego-centric temper tantrums and disasters. Where the Right attacks out of their hate and insecurities, We on the Left only seek to set the record straight. All that we see coming from the Right is spin and talking points.  They want to overlook all of Trump’s failures and blame them all on President Biden.  The Right is composed of sore losers who feel entitled to win no matter how bad their candidate or policies might be.

We also need to stop those who want to blame President Biden for the failures of Donald Trump. Afghanistan is a perfect example of the Right blaming Trump’s disastrous failures on President Biden. If Trump had never been in office, Afghanistan would never have decayed as it did. Trump set up the fall of the Afghan government with his incompetent freeing of 5,000 Taliban Terrorists and by making a deal with the Taliban behind the back of the Afghan government.  We saw the attempt at a mass exodus at the end for one simple reason; Trump had slowed the immigration out of Afghanistan down to a trickle.  Trump wanted to stop the immigration of Muslims and for anyone who didn’t have ghost-white skin. So, for four years, few were allowed to immigrate.

Even when Trump created a problem, the Right tries to blame President Biden.  Take the Southern border, had Trump not been employing his racist immigration policies, we would not now be seeing a problem at the border.  The Right wants to ignore how the United States created the suffering, causing so many to flee their homes.  For years we have destabilized the countries south of our border, which now brings many of their inhabitants to us.  Maybe, the Right seeks to ignore this fact because we created the trouble under other Republican administrations.  It is so much easier for the Right to blame those cleaning up the problem than to accept that their Party was the cause.

So, this isn’t just about the Right being full of hypocrites; it is about the dishonesty of the Right, which seeks to blame the Left for the problems they created.  Most on the Right recognize that their Party is responsible for the problems, but unfortunately, are not willing to take responsibility!  This is why the Right doesn’t want us talking about Trump; it makes it harder for them to bash President Biden with the facts staring them in the face.

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