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Sunday, October 3rd, 2004

Fantasy President
   Bush lives in a fancy bubble that keeps him from seeing the world as it really is. We all have dreams and often times imagine a better world, but four years of George W. Bush has revealed a lack of the ability to grasp reality. His administration seems unable to see the world beyond its own bias. When belief is taken as fact rather than faith an arrogant attitude can blind the individual into an imaginary world.
   In this state they can see themselves as doing no wrong or making any mistakes. It becomes very easy to justify actions that would be condemned if done by others. For example; using forged documents to justify the invasion of <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Iraq (which has brought the deaths of over a thousand Americans and some thirty thousand Iraqis) seems not to be a problem. This was not the case, however when Dan Rather reported on some questionable documents which may have not been authentic even though the information was correct.
   The Bush supporters became outraged demanding the termination of Mr. Rather saying that he and CBS had lost all creditability. What is amazing is that the fraudulent nature of Fox news does not bring the same reaction from them! If anyone criticizes this President they are accused of Bush bashing, yet eight years of attacking the character of President Clinton seems perfectly accessible to these people. It would seem that those who follow Mr. Bush live in the same fantasy world as he does.    Mr. Bush can not grasp what it is like to be elderly without enough money for healthcare.  In his mind being poor seems to be a choice. He sees himself as winning the war on terrorism even though Osama has been at large since 9/11. He supports the Neo-Con view of world domination and thus sees no problem in attacking a nation that was no threat to us. His administration sees the Country as thriving even though poverty has soared in these last four years. Clearly this President is delusional, living in a fantasy world, thus he wears well the title the “Fantasy President!” 

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