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Sunday, October 24th, 2004

Throw Away Grandparents

October 19, 2004 Today's announcement of the 2005 Social Security COLA is good news and bad news. Social Security makes a vital contribution to the wellbeing of 47 million Americans and the COLA is critical to their ability to keep up with inflation. But, far too many Social Security beneficiaries will see the 2.7% Social Security COLA partially or completely eroded by the Medicare Part B premium increase this year. Still imagine if there were no Social Security COLA and today's 47 million Social Security beneficiaries had to keep up with current health care and energy inflation on their own. For eight out of ten retirees, Social Security is the primary source of income. For most it is the only protection against inflation. Without the Social Security COLA, inflation would have reduced beneficiaries' income by more than one-fourth in just the last ten years. For more click here.

I would just like to ask, how is it honoring the elderly if they can’t afford to live? I don’t understand why the President wants to gut Social Security and Medicare when so many depend on them. When you look at their history, you will see that they have never failed. Both Social Security and Medicare have been there as we have needed them. There wouldn’t even be a question about their future if both parties hadn’t been raiding the funds. I’m most worried about the attention of the President and his party to privative the two. If most of us could have afforded to invest enough money to be independent from the aid of the government don’t you think we would have? I fear that all this talk is just another way to raid the treasury and who we pay for it? Not those proposing the changes, that is for sure!


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