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The Psychopath and Chief

Friday, February 7th, 2020

image Years ago, I visited a man in prison who had been convicted of rape. He complained about how unfair the system had been to him, for he had been in prison for nine years. It turned out that he had raped nine women that they had found out about. I remember thinking “That’s only one year for every rape” how many years did each of these women suffer from the fear of it happening again, how did those rapes affect the lives all around? Yet, this man was only focused on how unfair the system was to him. He clearly was a psychopath.

A psychopath doesn’t have a conscience. If he lies to you so he can steal your money, he won’t feel any moral qualms, though he may pretend to. A psychopath lacks empathy, the ability to stand in someone else’s shoes and understand how they feel. A psychopath is someone who sees others as objects he can use for his own benefit. A person with this antisocial personality disorder sees themself at the center of the universe. Some even imagine that they are the only real people that others are only there for his/her pleasure.

Clearly this man was a psychopath without any remorse or guilt, seeing his punishment as being unfair and refusing to recognize what he did wrong. He wanted even needed others to tell him that he was a victim of that system when, in fact, he was the one who victimized so many innocent women.

At the National Prayer Breakfast, Donald Trump attacked supporters of the impeachment drive. Instead of a humble spirit, Mr. Trump proclaimed that he was a victim of the system. He said how unfair that system had been to him. “As everybody knows, I have been put through a terrible ordeal by some very dishonest and corrupt people.” Trump refused to admit that he was wrong to have conspired with a foreign government against the United States. To be fair, he might not be able to see his wrong. For a psychopath, the sense of right and wrong just do not exist. Nixon said, “When the president does it, that means it is not illegal” he was wrong, we do not have a king with absolute power, that was the very last thing that the Founders wanted. Trump seems to think that “When Trump does it, that means it is not illegal” and that is the problem.

Now, Mr. Trump is attacking those who only sought justice. Trump wants to be vindicated because he sees himself as the victim. The fact is that Mr. Trump is no more a victim than that rapist was. All of those poor women who that man had raped, they were the victim, not the rapist! The Bidens and the Nation were the victims of Trump’s treasonous crime, not Mr. Trump! The sad truth is that Donald Trump is unable to see how wrong he is, which means that he will continue to make new victims. Trump will continue to spread lies because he is a liar who has convinced himself that if he says it, it has to be true.

For this reason alone, the Democratic House must do whatever it takes to remove this man from being able to harm the nation! For if the police had not arrested and the court convicted that rapist, he would have gone on raping. In the same way, Trump must be held accountable for his crimes. If that rapist had been able to pack the jury with family members, with people that he had bought off, and some who were afraid to vote against him, it would not have been a fair trial and he would have faced more charges. In the same way, Mr. Trump has not been exonerated, he has just made all but one Republican guilty of his crimes.

We have heard Donald Trump crying about how unfair the system was to him, let’s focus on how unfair Trump has been in his victimizing of innocent people. Let’s call out every Trump supporter who repeats Trump’s lies and hate! It is time, my friends, to put an end to this despicable White House!